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The following rules are applied to reusing my works.

# Permission to use my works

Texts, pictures (photos), movies or sounds (called "objects" hereafter) are usable under the Creative Commons License (CCL) as described hereafter.
That is, by putting credits in your document you can use the objects free of charge.
Adding modifications on the objects is included.
In case of My Maps in Google Maps, texts in the left part of the map or texts/pictures in balloons in the map are also subject to the rule here.

Some objects are usable under the Creative Commons License (CCL) as described hereafter.
In this case, by keeping the original object as is you can use it free of charge.
No derivatives/modifications are allowed.
Such object should include CC BY-NC-ND credit. You do not have to put any additional credit info.
This license is applied to some images(photos.) Change of image sizes and full-color to black & white conversion is NOT regarded as modifications here.

# Display of credits (Only applied to CC BY-NC-SA)

When you use the objects under CCL display credits with them individually or with a group of objects in human readable form such as an image or a text.
CREDITS: CC BY-NC-SA AND original: mKm (Both required.)

However, when you use the objects with "CC BY-NC-SA mKm" message embedded unchanged, no additional credits are required on use.
The message may be "mkm CC BY-NC-SA" or similar to it. Handle it in the same way.

When you shrink or edit the object, if the original credit is still readable use as is.

# No need of notice

As far as you use my work according to the rule described herein, you do not need to notify me of your use.

# Exceptions

Works that are NOT subject to the license here or works that do not require license display are listed below.
  1. A specific rule will be applied where otherwise noted separately for an individual object.
  2. No license display is required for a text with the length of less than around 200 letters. In this case put a source URL if possible.
    Display of source URL:Web page URL where the text is found. (ex: etc.)
  3. Anyone may use pictures with the height of less than around 200 pixels. No license display is required. (in public domain)

# Disclaimer and the Proviso

  1. If you experience any inconvenience or a loss as the result of using my work, I am NOT responsible to it at all.
  2. In case there is a discrepancy between this "Copyright Notice" and its Japanese version, the Japanese version takes the precedence.
  3. This rule will be changed when needed.

This document itself is usable under CCL.  CCL  CC BY-NC-SA mKm morikuma   morilogo   CLOSE
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